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Jan 24, 2013 1:00pm EST
my tech stocks. i like healthcare stocks. i like some consumer stocks. some of the banks, i continue to think look fairly cheap. i own a few industrials. so for -- if you buy a diversified portfolio and hang on to it through thick and thin -- >> and kenny is agreeing with you. the longer term strategy. >> i think that's exactly the right strategy. pick the portfolio. have you it. if they are names you have done your homework on and listen, michael farr makes the exact point. for the long-term personing with getting in and out, you might as well hang it up. >> that's for you guys. >> my partner, john washington, is well -- >> i didn't know your partner was george washington, actually. >> they are related. almost as old. north of 0 90 at this point. john says the best time to invest is when you have money. >> what worries me is the investor at home seeing the s&p go above the 1500 mark. not realizing we had a 5 to 6% move over the last few weeks. >> you see, what is frustrating about that, if you are an investor, whether 401(k) on whatever it is, you are in the market. i can't believe
Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm EST
hiding in healthcare. a lot of them, i know what you're doing to go into the more cyclical names like industrials. >> we will talk about that in a few minutes, as a matter of fact. >> nasdaq holding the upside, apple is not helping things. let's good it seem why mody at the nasdaq. >> we are seeing the nasdaq outperform major indies indiesys. with today's move, apple does reclaim the title as the world's most valuable company in the world, which is, as you know, it did lose to exxonmobil briefly on friday. that the latest in the market cap challenge. another bright spot we continue to watch as julia boorstin pointed out. social media. facebook ais ahead ofity earnings report. chinese internet stocks. analyst running that investors who believe in the growth of china's internet could consider baidu. back to you, sue. >> thank you, seema. >>> briefly yields on the ten-year note top since april 25. is the play at longer end of the curve or not? rick santelli is tracking the action at the cme. ricky, i know they are watching the ten-year but they are also watching the 30-year yield. >> abs
Jan 24, 2013 2:00pm EST
, pretty much at an all-time high in today's session. they are among the leader we are seeing. healthcare and industrials also. telecom briefly lower. it has turned higher. but the other big story is weakness in tech stocks. transportation average continues its record run up 65 point today. couple of airlines out with earnings that were better than expect or i should say a also smaller than expected in the case of united continental. also southwest coming in with earnings ahead of expectations still down for the year. nevertheless, dow transports continues to post very strong gains, up 65 point in today's session, as i mentioned earlier. held by airlines at a two-year high in today's trade. but, volume has picked up after the 1500 mark and again consolidation going on here. brian, back to you. >> mary, thank you very much. >>> three big tech stories are dominating your markets today. so we are calling it our tech trifecta. here is your rundown. first, apple, tanking after last night's earnings and spooking the market about how it'll issue new guidance. second, netflix, soaring after an ou
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3